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Dimensions H: 100 cm x W: 78 cm x D: 46 cm


40-70" (recommended min. 44")

VESA compatible

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Tube is a functional stand that features clean, straight lines contrasting to the round shape of the tube legs and feet. Made of sturdy steel, the stand is durable and features a simple design language adding Tube a light and elegant appearance distinctive to the Pipe series.

Tube is delivered with Gliders silicone feet in the same colourway as the TV stand. Beside improving the stability of the stand, the silicone feet prevent scratches on both the stand and the floor. Create colourful contrasts by purchasing Gliders in a different colourway.

In addition to Gliders, Tube can be added our new shelf named Pipe. Use it to storage your game console, TV box or to display some of your favourite interior objects. Discover our broad range of accessories here.

Tube is designed according to VESA standards and is therefore compatible with most flatscreen TVs

Tube fits flatscreen TVs from 40” to 70”

The pictures show Tube with a 50” flatscreen TV

The height of the screen depends on size and model of the TV

The total weight of Tube is 5,8 kg

The outer dimensions of Tube:
H: 100 cm x W: 78 cm x D: 46 cm

Tube is made of powder coated steel

Tube is delivered unassembled.
Mounting tools and assembly instruction is included