About Pedestal

Pedestal is a Danish interior brand that creates colorful design items to elevate interior design. Deeply rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, our products reflect our commitment to quality, functionality, and simplicity. We develop our designs on the latest lifestyle and interior design trends of today. In doing so, we strive to offer a relevant and dynamic product range based on and shaped according to the way we live and surround ourselves with screens.



Pedestal is on a sustainability journey. We acknowledge that responsible production requires a constant, close eye on development and optimization. Therefore, we are constantly working on the optimization of our manufacturing footprint. The longer the products last, the smaller their environmental impact will be. Therefore, we have very high standards for material quality. The steel we use can last a lifetime.

Responsible Production

We believe that responsibility is more than an environmental concern. Responsible production is also about manufacturing products under excellent and safe working conditions. Through our committed business partners, we ensure high ethical standards and modern production methods.

We collaborate with a few professional manufacturing partners who produce our products in modern machine factories. Working with only a few close partners ensures that our production occurs under safe and controlled working conditions. Quality control is ensured through ongoing documentation from our subcontractors and partners.

Environmental Protection

With an overall holistic approach to sustainability, we aim to make responsible choices. We do not like to ship air around the world. Therefore, all our packaging is designed to contain a minimum of airspace.

We are committed to trying to make responsible choices in every part of our business – from our design and development processes to how we distribute goods from the manufacturer to the customer in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way.

As any modern company, we encourage our employees to live a healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically. We cheer for every employee who bikes instead of using their car.


Pedestal is the ideal combination of simplicity, functionality, and aesthetic excellence, added a playful touch. Creating honest, versatile, and functional designs, we find great inspiration in the industrial idiom of the twentieth century. Rather than trying to hide the construction of our designs, we make it visible and use it as a conscious aesthetic feature.


Our expanding presence includes a wide range of wholesale accounts. We have a diverse mix of accounts, from some of the biggest retailers in Europe to premium lifestyle stores and modern art museums.