Frequently asked questions

We have gathered the most frequently asked questions from our customers to help you in the best possible way. If you can't find an answer to your question, feel free to contact us on hello@pedestal.com or +45 70 60 55 03.


Pedestal TV stands are universal and will therefore, in principle, work with all regular TV makes on the market, including:

- Samsung
- Philips
- Panasonic
- LG
- Nokia
- Sharp
- Sony
- and so on.

All these makes are VESA-compatible. VESA is an international standard for the mounting holes on the back of your TV, and all Pedestal TV stands are designed to comply with this standard. So it’s important to check if your TV is VESA-compatible before making a purchase.

VESA stands for “Video Electronics Standards Association”, which is an organisation that develops technical standards for products such as TVs. Briefly put, it is an international standard for the mounting holes on the reverse side of your TV.

All Pedestal stands are designed to comply with this standard, so it’s important to check whether your TV is VESA-compatible before purchasing a Pedestal TV stand.

The height of your screen, when mounted on the stand, depends on your screen's VESA specification. You can easily approximate the highest possible placement of your screen, using a ruler. 

Firstly, determine the VESA location by measuring the distance from the bottom of the screen to the two highest placed mounting holes. Subtract this number from the height of the stand you like. Subtract an additional 2cm for stands in the Plate Series or 7,5cm for stands in Pipe or Wood Series.

You now have an approximate distance from the floor to the underside of your screen.

We are committed to developing products that are easy to assemble. At the same time, we place a lot of emphasis on the assembly instructions we supply. Click here for our assembly instructions.

We supply detailed assembly instructions with all Pedestal TV stands, along with the bolts and tools required. If you’ve lost your assembly instructions – or in the unlikely event that they aren’t in the box – you can always find our assembly instructions online here.

If the screws are too long, it may help to use the large plastic spacers that are included in our mounting kit.Should the bolts be too big or too small for your TV, you will unfortunately have to purchase the correct type from the large assortment in your local hardware store.

Our mounting kit is universal and has been designed to suit 95% of all TV models.

Our stands are intended for use with screens measuring 40–70" – or up to 75" for our Pedestal PRO stands.

If you have a screen between 40-43", it will in some situations not cover the actual frame of Pedestal TV stands in the Pipe and Wood series.

The frame itself is approx. 60 cm in height and therefore your TV must exceed this to get a successful result.

Screens above or below the recommended size do not align with our quality and stability requirements.

If you choose to fit a screen outside the recommended size, you do so at your own risk and responsibility.

Yes, it is possible to use our Linked Tall TV stand for a 32” TV. However, we cannot guarantee that in some cases there will be parts of the TV stand's mounting area that are visible, above or below the TV, depending on the location of the mounting holes on the TV in question.

In the unlikely event that your TV doesn’t fit our TV stand, you can mail us at hello@pedestal.com enclosing some photos of the issue.

Our TV stands are universal, but in extraordinary cases, a Pedestal TV stand may not be compatible with a specific TV. On a case-by-case basis, we assess whether it is possible to optimise the installation, whether a different Pedestal TV stand would be a better match or whether, unfortunately, it is simply not possible to fit the TV in question.


Pedestal TV stands weigh between 6 and 16 kg and are designed to be stable, yet simple to move around in your home. If it is likely you will need to move your TV stand regularly, we recommend buying a Pedestal TV stand on wheels.

Pedestal TV stands are designed with the emphasis on stability. It takes a lot to knock over a Pedestal TV stand bearing a screen, and this isn’t an issue we’ve encountered in connection with ordinary use in a home where there are young children.

The Pedestal models Straight Rollin’ and Moon Rollin’ are TV stands on wheels. It is not possible to fit wheels to other Pedestal TV stands.

No, our TV stands on wheels are not supplied as standard with lockable wheels. However, lockable wheels are available as optional extras for our Moon Rollin’ and Straight Rollin’ models.

No, Pedestal TV stands are fixed height stands.

We recommend placing a maximum of 50 kg on our TV stands. The Moon Pro model has been tested to 50 kg.

We recommend placing the TV as high up as the TV stand itself and the VESA mounting holes allow, so as to obtain the best angle to watch from a sofa.

Pearl is an off-white colour, while Mushroom is a warm, light-grey tone.

Slight colour differences may occur in TV stands, Mounts and Power products even though these have the same colour name, for example Dusty Rose or Ultra Marine.

This is not a defect but is due to differences in materials and surface treatments.

No, it is not possible to assemble the Moon PRO model without fitting the shelf supplied.


In the same way as our TV stands, our Soundbar Bracket is a universal fitting. This means it suits the most common types of installation.

Check whether the mounting holes are on the rear or bottom surface of your soundbar. If they are on the bottom surface, we recommend that you purchase our Angle Brackets.

Please note that we do not include mounting screws for your soundbar, as different models use different screws. These are generally supplied together with your soundbar. If you have lost them, you can buy replacements from the manufacturer or from any well-stocked building supplies outlet.

In some cases, yes – in others, no. We recommend that you give it a try, but if that doesn’t provide a satisfactory result, you can buy our Soundbar Brackets instead.

Yes – with the exception of the Linked Tall model

No, our Mounts are designed specifically for Pedestal TV stands.

We supply a variety of accessories for fitting different TV boxes to Pedestal TV stands. For example, fitting our Box Mount and Box Mount S solutions using the bracket and Velcro strap supplied makes it possible to mount various TV boxes to the rear of Pedestal TV stands. Depending on the size of the box, a shelf may be a good solution, too. We supply shelves for a range of Pedestal TV stands.

That depends on the size of the box you want to fit. If you have any doubts, we recommend that you choose this one.

Yes. You can use our Box Mount, Box Mount S and PS5 Mount models for a variety of games consoles. You can also buy an extra shelf for a number of Pedestal TV stands.

Our Apple TV Mount makes it simple to fit your Apple TV to the reverse side of the stand, or on a bar on the front of a Pedestal TV stand. For a different effect, you can also place your Apple TV on a shelf which you can buy as an optional extra for various Pedestal TV stands.

Check that you have fitted your TV correctly to your Pedestal TV stand using the spacers supplied, which prevent the TV from touching the brackets. There needs to be a gap of more than 3 mm between the TV stand and the screen for you to be able to use our Mounts. If you have any doubts, you can mail photos of the situation to our Customer Service department at hello@pedestal.com

Our Power Cable can be used with the most common TV models. Look for the figure-8-shaped C7 Europlug socket on your TV.

We sell shelves for the following Pedestal TV stands: Bendy Tall Straight Tall Straight Rollin' Moon Rollin' Tube Lean og Hopper

Our TV stand shelves can support a maximum of 7 kg.


Shipping costs 15 euros. We offer shipping to selected countries in Europe. Click here to see a list. If you want to return products to us, you will have to pay the return shipping yourself.

We offer shipping to a range of countries, which are presented in the following list.

We do not deliver to countries that are not on our list, not even on payment of an extra shipping fee.

In the unlikely event that there is anything missing from your shipment, contact our customer service department at hello@pedestal.com without delay. We will immediately send you the parts you need.

In the unlikely event that you should receive the wrong item, contact our customer service department at hello@pedestal.com without delay. We will immediately send you the correct item along with a return label for the one you received in error.

Pedestal aims to ship
all orders the next working day. Delivery times to different countries vary – to check the list, click here.

If your product is damaged during transport, contact our customer service department at hello@pedestal.com without delay. Attach photos of the label, packaging, internal padding and the actual damage to the stand(s) for us to use in our complaints process against the carrier. We will then supply you with a new product and send you a return shipping note for the damaged goods.

Confirmation is issued immediately after your order has been processed (max. 2–3 minutes). If confirmation of your order does not appear in your email inbox, check to see whether it has been filtered out by your email program. If you still cannot find it, contact our customer service department at hello@pedestal.com.


You can always return your product within 14 days of buying it.

If you want to return your order, click here to read our returns policy.

You cannot exchange products. However, you can return your product to us and place a new order. If you need help choosing the correct TV stand, you can contact us at hello@pedestal.com.

We would ask you to leave your TV stand in the original packaging until you are sure that the colour, quality and materials live up to your expectations.

In the unlikely event that you would want to return your TV stand, please note that if you have already taken the TV stand out of the original packaging and/or used it, this will have a negative impact on the value. As a result, we will only be able to refund 50% of the purchase price. It is therefore always in your best interest not to assemble the TV stand and fit your TV to it if you have any doubts about wanting to keep the product.

You will find our return shipping note under Item 1 of our returns policy or by clicking this direct link.

Products must always be returned in their original packaging. If you use other packaging to return products, this will have a negative impact on their value.

You must also make sure that any items you return are securely padded and packaged.
Check the following:

  • Use the packaging that the product was delivered in, as this will ensure that it is firmly fixed in place.
  • Make sure there are no loose items in the box, as there is a risk that they may scratch the product.

You bear the risk for the shipment/the goods until we receive them.

We recommend that you save the mail receipt and, if appropriate, the track & trace number in the event of damage during transport.

No, we do not sell return labels.


In the unlikely event that you should receive a product with a manufacturing defect, contact our customer service department at hello@pedestal.com. Describe the fault and send us a photo. We will then contact you to work out a solution that we both find satisfactory.

If you have any complaints about your product, you are welcome to contact our customer service department at hello@pedestal.com.

If you have purchased your product through a dealer, it is best that you start by talking to this dealer about complaints and/or possible returns.


Yes – click here to see a list of our dealers.

Yes, a selection of our products are sold via Amazon.de – and they can also be sent to a number of other countries. Click here to visit our brand store.

If you are a commercial customer, you can have the VAT deducted. For this to be possible, however, you need to contact us at hello@pedestal.com BEFORE placing your order.