Soundbar Bracket - Charcoal
Soundbar Bracket - Charcoal
Soundbar Bracket - Charcoal

Soundbar Bracket


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Dimensions H: 40 cm x B: 12 cm
Danish design
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With Soundbar Bracket you can easily mount your soundbar under the TV. Made of powder coated steel, Soundbar Bracket is sturdy and provide secure support for your soundbar. Soundbar Bracket fits all of our TV stands.

Easily mounted on the stand with the bolts belonging to your soundbar.Please note that we do not include mounting screws for your soundbar, as different models use different screws. These are generally supplied together with your soundbar. If you have lost them, you can buy replacements from the manufacturer or from any well-stocked building supplies outlet.

Angle Bracket - Charcoal image

Angle Bracket - Charcoal

For soundbars from Sonos etc.


This product must be used with Soundbar Bracket. Angle brackets are sold in sets of two.

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