Pedestal Moon Rollin&
Pedestal Moon Rollin&
Pedestal Moon Rollin&
Pedestal Moon Rollin&
Pedestal Moon Rollin&
Pedestal Moon Rollin&
Pedestal Moon Rollin&
Pedestal Moon Rollin&
Pedestal Moon Rollin&
Pedestal Moon Rollin&

PipeMoon Rollin'


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Dimensions H: 107 cm x B: 78 cm x D: 54 cm
VESA compatible Does the TV Stand fit your screen?
Supports 40-70" (recommended 44-60")
Easy to mount manual
Danish design
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Moon Rollin' is a functional stand that features soft, curved lines and a playful design language that is distinctive to the Pipe series. These soft yet playful curves add a significant contrast to the sturdy steel construction, which ensures the stability and durability of the stand.

The functional and modern Moon Rollin' is made of steel and appears with a matte surface. Moon Rollin' is produced from the best materials, which makes the TV stand solid and ensures that it supports TV screens from 40" to 70" up to 50 kg.

Moon Rollin' is designed according to VESA standards and is therefore compatible with most flatscreen TVs

Moon Rollin' fits flatscreen TVs from 40” to 70”

The pictures show Moon Rollin' with a 50” flatscreen TV

The height of the screen depends on size and model of the TV

The total weight of Moon Rollin' is 7,5 kg

Max load capacity of 50 kg

The outer dimensions of Moon Rollin': H: 107 cm x W: 78 cm x D: 54 cm

Moon Rollin' is made of powder coated steel

Moon Rollin' is delivered unassembled. Mountingkit and assembly instruction is included


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