Pedestal Viva TV Stands 001 Charcoal
Pedestal Viva TV Stands 001 Charcoal
Pedestal Viva TV Stands 001 Charcoal
Pedestal Viva TV Stands 001 Charcoal
Pedestal Viva TV Stands 001 Charcoal



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Dimensions H: 102 cm x B (VESA)* x D: 45 cm
VESA compatible Does the TV Stand fit your screen?
Supports 32-70"
Easy to mount manual
Danish design
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Introducing Viva, a sleek and modern TV stand that effortlessly marries style with functionality. Featuring angled legs and rounded feet inspired by the Pipe Series, Viva brings a contemporary touch to any living space. The standout feature is its easy assembly, making it a hassle-free choice for a quick and stylish setup. Crafted with high-quality materials, Viva ensures both sophistication and sturdy support for your TV and entertainment components. Elevate your living space with Viva – where simplicity meets modern design for an effortlessly chic upgrade.

The functional and modern Viva is made of steel and appears with a matte surface. Viva is produced from the best materials, which makes the TV stand solid and ensures that it supports TV screens from 32" to 70" up to 50 kg.

Viva is compatible with all common flat screens on the
European market.

Viva supports screen sizes from 32" to 70”.

The picture shows Viva with a 55" flat screen

The screen height will vary depending on the screen
size and model.

Max load capacity of 50 kg

Viva is delivered unassembled. Tools and assembly
instructions are included.

Viva weight 4.0kg

Viva dimensions: H: 102 cm, W: 72-92 cm, D: 45 cm.

Viva is made of Powder coated steel with a smooth finish.


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