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Decorate your living room in completely new ways with our five-meter long TV cord called Cable, which makes it easier to move the TV from one place to another. The five-meter cord, which is available in a black and white version, allows the TV to easily be moved to the bedroom, kitchen or children's room without being unplugged in the living room.

Cable is just one of several accessory solutions that help to increase the functionality and visual expression of our TV stands. In our range of accessories, you will also find Cable Mount, which is a functional bracket designed to be mounted on the stand behind the screen. Cable Mount is used to organize and hide the many meters of TV cable when not in use to move the TV around the home.


Flexible placement of TV stand

At Pedestal, our selection of TV stands and accessories is constantly evolving. As a new addition to our range, you can now purchase TV cables measuring five meters. Cable acts as a functional addition to your TV, allowing you to move the screen up to five meters from its fixed location without at any time disconnecting it from the electrical outlet. That way, you can easily use the TV in the kitchen, bedroom, or children's room. In addition to Cable, you can advantageously add our Cable Mount, which makes it possible to organize and hide the cord in cases where there is no need to utilize the full length of five meters. Explore our range of TV stands and accessories.


Movable TV stand

In addition to being modern and aesthetic designs, our products are created with functionality and practicality in mind. At Pedestal, we have a vision to make the TV an integrated part of the home by placing it on a TV stand. By placing the screen on a stand, completely new possibilities arise in the home décor. Move the TV away from its fixed location and use is as a room divider. When the TV is moved away from the wall and into the room, new possibilities arise and the sofa, chair or bookcase can suddenly be placed in places where it was not possible without the screen on a TV stand. Discover our wide selection of modern and functional TV stands and accessories.