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Dive into our range of tall stands for flat-screen televisions, and be inspired by all the possible ways the stands enable you to use the screen as a stylish part of your furnishing scheme. Our tall stands for flat-screen televisions are available in different designs and colours, and you can see all of them here.


On a stand, your flat-screen television can be placed where it suits you. Our tall stands are about 100 cm high, to raise the screen above the floor. They are designed so that the screen can be placed at the correct height when it is watched from a sitting position. The TV stands support screens from 40” to 70” and are made of solid, powder-coated steel, which gives the stand a matt surface and an elegant, neat appearance. Go exploring in our range of simple, timeless stands for flat-screen televisions, which are available in both tall and short versions.

Stands for your flat-screen television

We have developed a bracket that ensures that our stands can support most of the flat-screen televisions. The brackets on our stands comply with VESA standards, which also apply to most flat-screen televisions. That means you can buy a stand for your flat-screen television without worrying that it might not support your screen. Our stands are designed to hold screens from 40” right up to 70” from known brands such as Philips, Samsung, Siemens, LG and Panasonic. How far the screen is lifted from the floor depends on the size of the screen and the position of the mounting holes on the back of the television. Our stands for flat-screen televisions are from 75 up to 103 centimetres high, and available in a number of different colours and designs. Gather inspiration from our selection of stands for flat-screen televisions here.


Tall stands for flat-screen televisions

Pedestal is the place to go for a choice of tall stands for flat-screen televisions. Our tall stands are about 100 centimetres high, and thus designed to be just the right height when they are seen from a sitting position. Among our tall stands for flat-screen televisions you will find the Bendy Tall Stand, Linked Tall Stand, and Straight Tall Stand. All the stands are in simple, timeless designs, made of solid steel finished with a powder coating to give a matt surface and an elegant look that fits well in most homes. Most of our designs are available in both tall and short versions, so if you are looking for a low stand for your flat-screen television, then among others you can find the Bendy Low Stand and Linked Low.


Designer stands for flat-screen televisions

The television is a basic essential in many households, and most of us own more than just one. Pedestal is a Danish design company that specializes in stands for flat-screen televisions and accessories. Pedestal is the place to go for simple, timeless and functional stands for flat-screen televisions. With a stand from Pedestal there is no need to compromise on either function or aesthetics and the visual impression. Even though a simple timeless look is a central feature of our designs, the different designs and models are also distinct from each other in various ways. An example of light, playful design in our range is the Bendy Tall Stand and Bendy Low Stand, with a slight bend in the legs and flattened feet. Then there is the Straight Tall Stand, which is a simple, high stand which elegantly lifts a flat-screen television off the floor.


Stable stands for flat-screen televisions

Our stands for flat-screen televisions are made in solid steel, to ensure that they are robust and stable, and that they can carry 40” to 70” screens without difficulty. The strong material balances the clean lines and simple designs of the stands, and the combination of material and aesthetics adds a visual impression with character so that our stands for flat-screen televisions look good in modern homes. If you need to see our different stands for flat-screen televisions close up, you are always welcome to visit our showroom north of Aarhus, where we can also help you to find precisely the stand that fits your needs and style of furnishing. All you have to do is to contract our customer service and make an appointment. All stands for flat-screen televisions can also be seen on this site.